Community software for associations, teams, societies, alumni and clubs. Think of it as social media for professionals

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Nurturing bonds that matter

Bond was created to foster relationships and engagement between real people in a digital world. We believe the choice between human-to-human relationships and virtual communities is a false dilemma; both are facets of the same human urge to congregate, share and grow. Bond enables teams, clubs, alumni groups and members to network, share, collaborate and learn in a private and trusted digital setting in an intuitive platform environment.

Community software for associations, societies, alumni groups, professional networks and clubs.

Think of it as social media for professionals

Features your members will love

Bond combines the best features of Facebook, Linkedin, Slack, WhatsApp, and Twitter into a seamless and effortless private community platform. Unlike these platforms, Bond offers full control over your data, GDPR compliance, and a robust, expandable feature set. Bond plays nice with your CRM, AMS or CMS and our API allows for unlimited third party integrations. Take back control over your data, your privacy and features.

Is Bond another CRM?

No. The world probably doesn’t need another CRM. But Bond does play nice with all major CRM, CMS and AMS systems so that you can bridge user-profiles and other data. And our API allows for almost unlimited integrations with third-party platforms.

Is Bond events software?

No. While there is a powerful events listing and management component to Bond and the option of providing a custom integration with your favourite events management platform, Bond is first and foremost a community management platform. Think of Bond as the place you spend time before and after events… which is most of the time.

For public or private communities?

Private, mostly. That is to say, the whole purpose of Bond is to create and manage your own community or tribe while maintaining full control over who’s a part of that community. Sure, you can decide to let new users register of course, but non-members don’t have access without your say-so. Think of it as the online equivalent of any club, members group, team or department.

I have social media, why Bond?

Great, keep them too if you want! It is important to understand that with these platforms you’re not really the owner of the data your community creates, making them a commodity, ripe for use a vehicle to sell ads. Also, none of the platforms allow you full and unlimited customization; you work with the features they give you, end of story. And finally, none of these platforms are utilitarian in nature and therefore don’t combine all the most useful features while banning bells and whistles that waste time.

What do I tell my sponsors?

Bond’s architecture was conceived with sponsors in mind. One of our core features, the segmentation tool, allows you to offer your sponsors granular control over which segments of your community they can reach. This way, sponsors can craft specific content for different segments of the community, avoiding the legacy ‘one size fits all’ marketing approach. Deep personalization drives higher engagement rates, better retention, and higher conversion rates. 

Do I need special software?

Not at all. Bond runs entirely in all modern website browsers and across all platforms and devices. You need a computer, tablet or phone and an internet connection, that’s it. Bond’s architecture is so advanced, it’s in fact an application that runs inside the web browser. That means it’s lightning fast and easily adapts to any operating system you want to run it on, including, of course, mobile devices.
Websites are so 2020…

But what about...?

We get it, you have more questions. Of course you do, this is not a decision you take lightly, it’s about your community and your business after all. So if you’re left bewitched, bedazzled or bewildered, give us a shout, we’re always happy to be consulted and challenged. We don’t bite, we just build.

One platform to rule them all

OK, bold statement, but bear with us here… Most associations, alumni communities, clubs and even intra-corporate groups not only tend to still rely on legacy platforms, they tend to have to juggle multiple platforms just to keep things humming along. One platform for learning, one platform for directories, one platform for news dissemination, one platform for data storage, one pl… you get the idea. That means at least a half dozen different logins, data discrepancies across the board and just a ton of wasted time. No bueno. Bond integrates a broad and deep set of core features in one seamless environment, so you can just get on with things. And our roadmap is impressive, so you can look forward to a steady release of even more killer features to make your life easier.  And we haven’t even mentioned Bonfire, oh my…


The majority of community platforms run on legacy code and bygone frameworks. That’s a problem. To be truly ready for this decade of disruption you need to make sure your platforms can keep pace. Bond runs on proprietary code and was written from the ground up to be blisteringly fast, ultra-secure and deeply compatible with current and upcoming platforms. In fact, Bond communities aren’t even websites but full blown web based applications you can even install on your computer, or just run in the browser. Be ready for the next decade, not the past one.


What good is a shiny new digital community platform if it ignores the other tools you rely on to run your organisation? Thankfully, Bond plays nice with just about any modern platform or tool in existence. Our APIs (they’re like little digital oompa-loompas that do all the dirty work) bridge the divide between your community and other mission-critical software like CRM or CMS systems, or smaller digital tools and even social media channels. And we’re not a ‘take it or leave it’ bunch; if a new API or integration is needed, talk to us, we want you to thrive.

So, it’s like Facebook basically?

There are certainly elements of classic social media woven into the product. In fact, you could say that we’ve taken a very good look at all of the social media platforms in order to distill the essential and useful features into our platform, but without all the fluff and with full control over your data. The feed is a bit Twitter-like; the chat rooms are like WhatsApp groups; the members section resembles LinkedIn; the back-end would make Salesforce proud. Add a pinch of Zoom, a splash of Quora, … you get the idea. But all woven together in a more minimalist, uncluttered and ultra-fast platform, where YOU are in charge of the data, not some social media overlord. We also offer an open environment, ready for customisation. Try getting Facebook, Twitter or any of the others to modify their platforms to fit your unique profile… And did we say it looks really slick and beautiful?


Keeping your members engaged in a community environment is one thing, but more often than not, membership organisations need to generate revenue beyond just the membership dues. Bond lets you tap into a range of monetization features so your community becomes an asset on the balance sheet, not just an overhead.

Sponsored Feed Posts

Get your sponsors in front of your entire community or target specific segments with tailored content. 400% higher engagement rates than social media.


Branded Wallpaper Slides

Dress up the community with beautiful full screen branded background slides. Less intrusive and more captivating and memorable than conventional ads.


Sponsored Benefits

Advertisers and sponsors will love the ability to stand out with a compelling offer. Members are connected directly to the sponsor via personal chat.

Paid Event Listing

Expose your partner's or sponsor's events with a sponsored event listing. Drive traffic to their events or manage entire events on behalf of sponsors.


Sponsored Learning Content

Members tend to dislike overt advertising, but they love to learn. Deploy sponsored educational content inside the learning management system.


Member Spotlight

Charge for featured community listings if members need to stand out with top level listing visibility, either on the individual or organisation level.

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